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Green Transportation and Travel

Electric car and charging station

Electric car and charging station

According to researchers, transport systems contribute as much as 23 percent of the overall amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, vehicles and motors use up energy that is obtained from petroleum, which is harmful to the environment. There is so much energy consumed from the time these vehicles are manufactured, used and transported to various parts of the world. Massive infrastructures needed for transportation are also built to accommodate these vehicles including railways, roads and bridges, to name a few.

With the increasing concern on the planet’s current situation, green transportation and travel make way for improving the environment. Reduction of emissions is made possible, and there is also the chances of enhancing transportation for the public with the use of electric rail powered by sustainable resources.

Facts about Green Transport Systems

The invention of green vehicles that use renewable energy is one of the greatest creations in history because of the reduced environmental impact these offer. For instance, a vehicle powered by electric instead of petroleum can minimize emissions of C02. In Korea, the Online Electric Vehicle was invented, and this is a type of transport system that is charged while on the move or when stationary. Since it runs on electricity, no exhaust is present as the vehicle operates.

mass transit

Take Mass Transit

There are also hybrid vehicles that operates with an engine for internal combustion, along with electric engine. The result – zero emissions and improved fuel efficiency, which all help the environment. Transport systems also use renewable sources of energy as fuel such as biofuels and natural gas.

Green vehicles are indeed fuel-efficient, and they do not add to emissions on the road. However, there is still the issue on traffic congestion that continues to be a problem in several major cities worldwide. Hence, the use of public transport systems such as trams, buses and trains that run on electricity are more sustainable options for transportation. You can also consider riding your bicycle, walking (if your destination is only within a reasonable distance) or carpooling.

Why Green Travel Makes Sense

With green travel or transportation, you are going towards a more responsible means of going to your destination. This is a better option to attain sustainability not only on the environmental level, but also in terms of socio-cultural and economic. This mode of transportation preserves the planet and enhances the development of the local community. Thus, future generations do not suffer as the Earth’s resources and structure are not compromised along the way.

There are several areas involved with green travel. On the basic level, this includes the choice of vehicle such as public transport, cycling or carpooling. Walking is another option, as long as it is a practical and realistic way of getting to your destination. Then, there is also the aspect of conserving natural resources. You may consider going to places that support love for the environment such as visiting wildlife and protected areas to enhance your awareness and motivate you to preserve the environment.

Green transportation is also a means of supporting companies or industries that share your ideals When you buy your ticket or fare, you should think about choosing businesses that comply with environmental policies. You should also be more aware of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during your travel and think of a better and more eco-friendly way of reaching your destination.

Green Travel – Things You Can Do

Now that you know what green travel is all about, it is time to make a move and participate in this Earth-friendly mode of transportation. Below are some tips you can apply in your daily life, which are in line with the use of renewable energy for traveling.

bike to work

Ride A Bike To Work

1. Instead of adding to the serious problem on traffic congestion, consider taking public transport systems such as the train or bus. These do not only save you money for fuel, but you can also spare yourself from the stressful experience of driving and dealing with heavy traffic.

2. Choose hybrid cars.

Shopping for a brand new vehicle? Why not opt for hybrid cars that use renewable energy sources and provide excellent gas mileage? In fact, Tesla Motors offers a range of electric cars that are eco-friendly and practical to use at the same time.

3. Ride your bicycle or choose carpooling.

Cycling lets you exercise, work out a sweat and get to work on time without putting up with intense traffic congestion problems. You can either ride your bicycle to work, school or the convenience store, or go on a carpool. This way, it will help reduce the bulk of cars on the road plus the amount of money spent on gas.

So, what are you waiting for? Do your part in saving the planet with these eco-friendly ideas on how to travel without affecting the environment negatively.