The problems that exist in the world we are living today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them – These are the words of the great German-born theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein. For many years, people have been arguing the validity of the argument that certain types of emissions damage the ozone layer causing a greenhouse effect that make the atmosphere warmer. This is the global warming problem. Increasing erratic climate events, the rise in gas prices and wasteful conspicuous consumption of resources have made Eco-consciousness a national phenomenon.

The world needs to get educated about all aspects touching on green living. We need to use energy-efficient technology, sustainable energy and power. On issues of cleaning, we should use chemical free cleaning and natural cleaning products. Green travel and ecological travel is becoming popular through Eco-cruises, cycling travel destinations, camping and survival. The green living options have expanded to health and beauty genre. Every aspect of life can now be improved with sustainable methods that support a better living. This is our core objective that we shall be discussing.

Getting Started

Everyone is talking about how to reduce humanity’s footprints on the Earth and move towards more sustainable lifestyle. Green Ituk¬†features advice tips, guides and success stories about sustainable living and going green. We have constantly preparing comprehensive article and guides that touch on the following categories;

– The green living

– Understanding Global Warming

– Climate Change and Its Effects

– Benefits of going green

– Ways to go green

– Going Green in your home (Green homes)

– The Green Technology

– Green Energy & Power

– Green Transportation and Travel

– Renewable Energy and Its Types

– Healthy and Beauty Green Tips

– Green Consumer Products

– Recycling for Green Living

Why Go Green

When you start a green lifestyle, you are bound to enjoy many benefits of a healthy life. For some individuals, the concept of going green is a lifestyle adjustment that encompasses every aspect of a person’s lifestyle. For others, the whole idea seems odd. Research in the field of green living and ecological benefits can be seen in various scientific areas, environmental, conversation, botany and consumer products. When you go green, you will enjoy many lifestyle benefits, local environment benefits and ultimate global benefits.

Green Ituk provides information about nature, science, Eco-friendly products and the whole sustainability movement for better life. We have dozens of truly powerful resources for newbies and even the jacked Eco-geeks. Take your time to browse through our extensive categories and get started in going green.