Feb 12

Going Green in Your Home

light bulbInstalling solar panels on your roof, switching to energy-efficient CFL bulbs, using eco-friendly cleaning solutions for your home – these are just some things you can do to go green and contribute your part to saving the planet. After all, this is our only home, and by preserving it the best way we can, every being on Earth can have a peaceful, beautiful and nurturing place to live in for years to come!

So, if you are in need of tips on green living, the following are just some ideas to help you get started:

1. Opt for Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs.

Did you know that by simply swapping your regular lightbulbs with energy-efficient ones such as a Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb, you can save more money and help the environment at the same time? Although the initial cost of buying this type of bulb is more than what you would pay for a regular one, the return on your investment is massive. For instance, these bulbs last up to 10 times much longer, so this spares you from buying a bulb several times a year. What’s more, since these are energy-efficient, the amount of energy it consumes is 75 percent less. Carbon dioxide emission is also minimal, so you are doing your part as a responsible citizen in this planet.

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Feb 05

Climate Change and Its Effects

climate change iceOne of the serious problems that we are experiencing in this planet is the adverse climate change, which has been creating massive loss of lives and properties for years. This condition is the main reason why ice on lakes and rivers break up prematurely, flowering season is slowly changing, and glaciers are rapidly shrinking. In addition, there are more animals that face extinction and spread of diseases caused by viruses are increasing.

What is climate change, how is it affect every being on Earth, and what may happen supposing this issue prevails? Read along to learn valuable pieces of information about this condition including studies about it.

Changes in Climate

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Jan 29

Green Transportation and Travel

Electric car and charging station

Electric car and charging station

According to researchers, transport systems contribute as much as 23 percent of the overall amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, vehicles and motors use up energy that is obtained from petroleum, which is harmful to the environment. There is so much energy consumed from the time these vehicles are manufactured, used and transported to various parts of the world. Massive infrastructures needed for transportation are also built to accommodate these vehicles including railways, roads and bridges, to name a few.

With the increasing concern on the planet’s current situation, green transportation and travel make way for improving the environment. Reduction of emissions is made possible, and there is also the chances of enhancing transportation for the public with the use of electric rail powered by sustainable resources.

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Jan 22

Understanding Global Warming

global warming indicatorsAs years pass by, the average temperature on the surface of the Earth has been increasing. This condition is referred to as global warming, which is caused by greenhouse gases. Find out more about this issue affecting the entire planet, and what its effects and consequences are to every creature on Earth.

Overview of Global Warming

Massive burning of burning fuels and deforestation are just some of the contributors of carbon dioxide emissions in the planet. Unfortunately, once these emissions are released into the air, they cause heat to remain trapped on Earth. Instead of simply escaping into the atmosphere, heat is sealed and this results to a scenario called greenhouse effect. Over time, the Earth’s temperature increases and causes too much heat. This is the main reason why there are fewer glaciers, and polar ice caps are slowly melting away.

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Jan 15

Introduction to Green Living

green livingWith the increasing concerns regarding environmental problems, there is a much greater need nowadays to consider green living. After all, we only have one home, and it is our responsibility to take care of it. By having an understanding of what green living is all about and how it is done, we can save our planet for our sake and for generations to come.

Go Green – What It’s About?

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